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Welcome to Lit Science!

I'm Jessica.

I support middle school science teachers by creating grade-level science lessons that are accessible to English Language Learners. 

Jessica Payano

Less Time Prepping. More Time Teaching. Shop Lit Science No Prep Resources.

 Lit Science resources 

Teaching Middle school science to English Language Learners

Read the blog for research-based strategies for teaching grade-level science to English Language Learners (no ESL teaching certification required). 

No Prep
NGSS and state standards Aligned Lessons

Less time planning, more time teaching. Tried of building the plan while trying to fly it? Shop my low/no prep science lessons. 

Educational Consulting


I work with schools, nonprofits, and organizations around best practices for supporting English Language Learners.  

From the Blog

Welcome to Lit Science

Welcome to Lit Science. I’m Jessica. I created Lit Science to support middle school science teachers in teaching grade-level, NGSS and state-standards aligned science to students learning English.

Lit Science curriculum is scaffolded and differentiated for English Language Learners and  developing readers and writers.

Welcome to all my secondary science teachers who instinctively know what to do to serve your diverse learners, but don’t have endless amounts of time to do it. My hope is to establish a supportive community that empowers science teachers of English Learners to avoid burnout by focusing their energy on teaching rather than creating curricula from scratch. 

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