Welcome to Lit Science!

I'm Jessica, and I create differentiated, literacy-based science curriculum. I support secondary science teachers of diverse learners incorporate literacy into their science classrooms. I believe reading and writing must be taught in science to equip diverse learners to become the next generation of scientists.

Welcome secondary science teachers who teach students:
✓ reading below grade level
✓learning English ✓with special needs

You're in the right place if,

  • You recognize All STUDENTS have assets they bring to the classroom.
  • You understand that your students need more support than the typical grade-level science curriculum provides.
  • You value the importance of literacy in science education, but may be unsure of how to incorporate it into science lessons.
  • You love teaching but worry you’ll burn out trying to do “all the things” for all your students. 

About me

I’m a former New York City public school teacher and instructional coach. I taught science at both the middle and high school levels at Title I schools in Brooklyn. My student body was diverse and included students learning English, students with special needs, and students reading and writing below grade level; all in the same classroom. 

I almost quit my first year of teaching. I knew deep down I loved being in the classroom but was overwhelmed by how much there was to do to serve my diverse learners. I also didn’t know it wasn’t part of my job to actually create curricula (Curriculum writing is a full-time job in and of itself). I created most of my lessons from scratch (or downloaded them after long internet searches). I was waking up at 4 am and going to bed after 11 pm because I was constantly working. 

I’m thinking that if you’re reading this right now, you’re in the same place I was. I created Lit Science for you. I enjoy creating curricula that are differentiated and literacy-based for diverse learners. My hope is that Lit Science can help you spend less time planning and more time teaching AND doing what you enjoy outside of work.